“Productcare is not only our name, it’s our ethos: we care very personally about our customers and put their ‘stars on stage' with a keen eye for detail and a fine-tuned sense for physical processes.

We have been looking after products in film and photo productions for the past 25 years, always with the greatest of care. We make no difference between large, international clients and small, local brands.

Our passion for liquid styling, dummy and packaging construction is what drives us. We are constantly finding new solutions to serve the products and to overcome any challenges.

We are committed to service and offer support which is tailored to the client. Quality is something we provide during briefing and preparation, not just on set!

We look at customer requirements from different perspectives in order to be able to set out accurate and suitable solutions. We are always creative and unique, sometimes very simple, often unusual, and of course sensibly priced.

We often use test shoots to work out how to film a product perfectly and yet authentically. In this way we can understand how to present natural processes.

A solid network of reliable and cooperative partners guarantees high-value work from our suppliers. It also makes efficient and top quality team work possible, regardless of the task.


And we never forget the pleasure this job gives us!

We look forward to the next challenges!"


Mathea van Kann & Nico van Dieck